About Video Shoots

Question: How much do video shoots cost?

Answer: Video shoots are complimentary upon invite to respected industry professionals.  


Question: Why are you offering video shoots for free?

Answer: We consider original content an investment. We feel our model promos will assist our members in attaining the high-end clientele they are seeking and therefore will remain with us for all their advertising needs.


Question: Can I use your video to advertise on other websites?

Answer: No, but with written permission under certain circumstances we have allowed videos to be used on personal websites. - We never allow our material to be posted on competitor websites.


Question: Can I have my face blurred?  Why doesn’t anyone have their face blurred?

Answer: We insist on a very clean website appearance – No blurred faces allowed.


Question: Where do the video shoots take place?

Answer: At a studio in Beverly Hills walking distance from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Rodeo Drive.


Question: Who does the video shoots?  

Answer: Video Personals is female run owner operated. There will be 1-2 ladies who will assist you from preparation to finish. 


Question: How long do video shoots take?

Answer: We suggest to allow 2 full hours from beginning to end.

Question: I’m in the area, can I just show up for a video shoot?

Answer: No, video shoots are done by appointment only. They require at least 1-day notice.

Question: Can I schedule a video shoot with a friend?

Answer: Yes, this is not a problem as long your friend has been previously approved.


Question: Can I bring someone with me to the video shoot?

Answer: You're welcome to bring a companion, but we prefer that individual be female.  

Question: I don’t have proper still shots; can I have stills taken as well?

Answer:  Yes, but please let us know in advance as there is additional preparation involved.

Question: How long will it take for my video to go online after the shoot?

Answer: Approximately 3-4 days. After your shoot we go through the footage then send it to editing.  

Question: Will there be other people at the studio having shoots at the same time?

Answer: No, all video shoots are private.

Question: How do I schedule a video shoot?

Answer: Email us at info@videopersonals.net